Lexapro generic pills: great depression killer

Lexapro generic drug is a known antidepressant which has the escitalopram as its key component. The drug affects the brain and makes it to produce more serotonin. It is a neurotransmitter which is responsible for several conditions in the human body such as processes of digestion, metabolism in the bones, development of organs. Serotonin determines the mood of a patient. Generic Lexapro stimulates the production of serotonin and thus affects the mood of a person effectively treating such metal conditions as depression, anxiety, insomnia, various phobias including social phobia.

Lexapro GenericLexapro generic is available only after your doctor prescribes it to you. However you may buy generic Lexapro online without visiting clinic, getting prescription from your doctor and getting numerous tests and examinations done.

It is a common myth that antidepressants can be taken safely, that they do not have any precautions and contraindications. But it is a common misconception. If you start treatment with generic Lexapro without prescription, then you must read all the next paragraphs and consider all the possible risks of uncontrolled treatment with antidepressants. The information in this review is only of recommendatory character. If you do not understand whether lexapro generic is a right medicine for you, then contact your doctor and find out how this medication can help you and whether it is able to treat your conditions.

Lexapro is available in pills and solution. Pills are more convenient to take whenever you are and wherever you are, while a solution is a more convenient medicine form for psychologically disturbed or unstable patients. Moreover solution medicines are known to be faster absorbed in the blood and reaching the brain of a patient.

Lexapro and lexapro generic – what is the difference?

Lexapro is produced and marketed by various manufacturers. Generic lexapro is the same effective medicine as the original one. It features the same pill dosages and the same content. However generic drugs are known to be cheaper be means of investing less costs in marketing and distribution of the medication.

If you need a really powerful antidepressant medicine to fight depression and anxiety, then yon can safely buy generic lexapro online enjoying major benefits as low cost, availability, fast delivery and saving efforts on visiting local drug stores. Moreover if you purchase drugs online you do not need to get prescriptions from your doctor. Antidepressants are prescribed rather cautiously. Your doctor may want you to pass numerous blood and urine tests (to determine the levels of hormones and substances in your body and to estimate their probable deviations from the norm) as well as to get tested by a psychiatrist.

To avoid wasting time on analysis and tests you can just visit one of the reputable websites and order lexapro online, or, which is better, buy generic lexapro online, getting the same quality and efficiency drug which will help you cope with severe depression and anxiety from the first pill.

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Precautions before starting Lexapro generic pills

Common precautions, which you should know before you start the treatment of anxiety or other psychological disorders, are related to the risk group patients, who are allergic people, kids, geriatric patients, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Generic Lexapro and allergies

Allergic responses to the treatment of depressive psychological disorders with Lexapro generic are rarely reported by patients. The data do not vary considering Lexapro or generic form of the drug. However as an average medicine Lexapro generic can provoke some allergic responses. You must not start treatment with this antidepressant if you experience severe reactions to some medicines. Patients with allergic responses to foods, care products, environmental factors are in the risk group as well and must warn a doctor about the allergic reactions before starting the treatment.

If you take lexapro generic on your own, then we strongly recommend to track your conditions first 24-48 hours from the start of treatment. If you do not present any skin changes or other typically allergic symptoms which you have performed prior. If you have never had allergic responses to any triggers, then stop taking lexapro and call your doctor in case of any suspicious changes in your body (physical presences) which you can surely relate to the action of the medicine. If everything goes all right, then you can go on taking the pills.

Lexapro generic pills in kids

Commonly children are not recommended to be treated with antidepressant, though there are many medications of the selective serotonin reuptake inibitors which are indicated for correction of other psychological and psychiatric disorders, however these are contained in lower dosages. But lexapro generic pills are approved by FDA for use in children after 12 years old.

There are no age-related contraindications. Lexapro is recommended to be administered to children in complex treatment of depression. While adults can cope wit some psychiatric conditions on their own as they realize the nature and the risks of living in depression, still kids require extra help and assistance in treatment of and recovery from depression and other psychiatric disorders.

Make sure the case with your kid is under strict medical supervision and your kid gets professional assistance.

Warning! As Lexapro generic affects the level or serotonin, which takes in most vital processes in human body, then children and teenagers are recommended to get their weight, height measured regularly. There are no evidences indicating negative effect on the development of kid’s body with the medicine.

Lexapro generic in geriatric patients

Aged people should get all the drugs prescribed by a doctor. Why additional caution is necessary? Body parts wear out with age, chronic diseases affect the way the lungs, heart, vessels, kidneys and liver are functioning. The ability to recover gets lost with age. That is why a minimal change in chemical composition of blood, the minimal shift in hormonal balance may lead to severe unwanted consequences and in some cases even lethal outcomes. That is why geriatric patients suffering from depression and anxiety should get Lexapro generic only under medical supervision. It is also recommended to get professional assistant of psychologist to improve recovery.

Studies have not performed any age-related contraindications or precautions in geriatric patients.

Aged people commonly suffer from low content of sodium in the blood, some liver dysfunctions, and kidney diseases which require dosage correction. Some patients will require monitoring of the conditions and functioning of vital organs with blood tests done regularly.

Generic Lexapro in pregnant and breastfeeding patients

Pregnant women commonly suffer from anxiety and insomnia caused with emotional upheavals about an unborn baby, while women after labor commonly fall into depression due to a severe change of hormonal balance. Some patients are able to recover as soon as in few weeks, while others may experience the condition during the first year of life of the child. Some of women experience severe depression complicated with suicidal thoughts. These women are able even to kill their babies in the heat of depression.

This drug belongs to the group C of medications. This medicine must not be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women as the drug may badly affect an unborn baby. It is known to pass into breast milk, thus the drug must not be taken by women feeding newborns with breasts.

Mind that your doctor might take another decision and will prescribe your lexapro or generic lexapro. In this case you will need to terminate temporairly breast milk feeding for the period of treatment with the drug.

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When you must not take Lexapro generic drug?

Antidepressants must not be taken with other medicines affecting brain and indicated to treat anxiety, depression, stresses and psychological disorders.

If you take some drugs constantly or occasionally, then warn your doctor on any drugs you are taking, put on the list teas and herbs.

Lexapro generic may interact with herbs and perform unwanted reactions of interactions.

What are direct contraindications for Lexapro generic?

Even some psychological disorders can be contraindications to taking generic Lexapro. You are not recommended to take this medicine in case you have one or few of the following disorders in your body:

  • changes of mood and depression which is commonly referred to as bipolar disorders (you must not take the drug even if you just present the evidences and not a complex of symptoms of the disease)
  • problems with irregular bleedings
  • glaucoma
  • kidney dysfunction
  • liver diseases
  • manias

We strongly recommend to see your doctor and to get examinations. The market offers various alternatives. Lexapro generic may be right for you but you must considerably choose the medicines even if you are physically healthy. Modern science still has rather vague knowledge about how these substances affect the functioning of body parts and tissues on various levels. While we may not notice changes on the level of organs, still the rapid growth of serotonin may cause changes on molecular or even proton level structures which will then perform unexpected reactions and consequences on more significant levels. Mind that science still does not know why people develop cancer in their bodies.

Lexapro generic is not proved to increase the risk of developing malformations of tissues, but still you must be careful with choice of medications which you take, whether it is a cough pill or a birth control pill.

How to correctly take the generic Lexapro?

Buy Generic Lexapro OnlineEach box of Lexapro generic pills contains a patient’s guide containing all necessary information on dosages and treatments. But each case requires individual approach to treatment. Thus a patient information leaflet will provide you general information. You can keep to the recommended dosages, but we recommend to consult your health care provider on the matter of dosage adjustment.

To treat severe and mild cases of depression adults are recommended to take 10mg of drug per day. For better control of the emotional condition you can split a dosage and take it ½ in the morning and another half at the evening. Do not increase your dosage on your own without talking to your doctor. A maximum safe dosage for adults and kids after 12 years old is 20mg per day.

Mind that your doctor may take another decision and prescribe you a larger dosage of Lexapro genetic drug.

Anxiety and other psychological disorders are treated in the same way and with the same dosages.

You can buy generic lexapro online and start taking the medicine when you already perform depression. In this way the drug will prevent the complication of the case and its transformation into severe form.

You also can take the drug for prevention of the psychological conditions and take it by courses once in every 6 months. The regularity, dosages and the intervals of courses will be prescribed by your doctor.

When you must see a doctor?

Lexapro generic pills are safe for patients without direct contraindications. However there are cases when you must immediately contact your doctor or call the emergency. These cases are worsening of depressive conditions and side effects.

Generic Lexapro may result in the next unwanted reactions from your body:

  • headache
  • indigestion
  • increased thirst
  • swelling of body parts (including lips and tongue)
  • tiredness

One of the most dangerous conditions when a patient is on lexapro treatment is coma. That is why, if your conditions get worse, then stop taking the drug and contact your doctor immediately!

What is the best approach to treatment of psychological conditions?

You can consider treatment with this drug when you experience recurrent worsening of mood with or without any cause. You should understand that the drug does not cure brain, mind and soul. It just artificially increases the level of serotonin, which supports good mood in patients. However if you will not eliminate the cause of your constant depressive conditions, then the state will come back and again. That is why, the best approach to the treatment of psychological disorders as depression and anxiety is to get professional assistance from psychiatrist or psychologist and take Lexapro generic.

A doctor will help you to find the reason of your depression and the ways of its elimination. If the reason will remain, then Lexapro will provide only temporary effect. To enjoy permanent effect, you must find the reason and to learn how to treat it while the lexapro will assist you on chemical level of your body. Buy generic lexapro online and stop living depressed and suppressed with anxiety.